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AWS Cloud Solutions

Accelerate Your Business with AWS Cloud

AWS Cloud, commonly referred to as Amazon Web Services, is a cloud computing service created by Amazon for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through AWS-managed data centers.

AWS Cloud Service

As AWS Partner, we can help you make your business critical applications equipped for the cloud. With our Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting Services, we understand your needs, identify solutions that fit your requirements and more importantly expose areas of risk and the mitigating processes required to reduce or eliminate them. Our AWS certified solution architects assist you to develop and execute Amazon Cloud Migration strategy that optimizes your applications.

  • Precise and excellent guidance for the many AWS Services
    • A team of AWS certified experts to help you understand each of the AW’S services to ensure better understanding and smooth guiding.
  • Amazon Cloud execution knowledge on IaaS, PaaS and Hybrid models
    • Experts with the knowledge of each of the cloud computing services including IAAS, PAAS, and hybrid models.
  • Protection and Disaster Recovery Planning Services
    • Guidance for AWS cloud backup, disaster recovery, data lake, data warehouse and all the other possible solutions for the safety of your data.
  • Design High level Hybrid Cloud
    • AWS hybrid cloud solutions and services can help you run and manage your applications wherever they may need to reside. While most applications can run in the cloud, some need to remain on premises or in a specific location due to low latency, local data processing, or data residency requirements. With AWS, you can use the same infrastructure, services, APIs, and tools wherever you need.
  • Audit Simulation & Support
    • AWS Audit Manager to help you continuously audit your AWS usage to simplify how you assess risk and compliance with regulations and industry standards.
  • AWS Migration Assessment and Planning
    • Our AWS Experts will guide you through AWS MRP which is a method that consists of tools, processes, and best practices to prepare an enterprise for cloud migration.
  • Database Migration to AWS SQL Database
    • AWS database migration helps you to migrate your database on to the AWS cloud. It supports homogeneous migration like oracle to oracle and heterogeneous migration like oracle to Microsoft SQL servers.
  • Migration of all Applications with AWS
    • Using AWS Application migration service (AWS MGN) to quickly lift and shift your on-premises physical servers onto AWS cloud. Also, to migrate from other cloud platforms to AWS cloud for better performance and cost optimization.
  • Post Migration Support
    • Our team will help you completely lift and shift your database onto the AWS cloud. After successful migration, our team will help you solve each query about your cloud infrastructure and give solutions in no time. We are here to work you with 24x7.
  • Managed services for a cloud environment
    • SHRO cloud experts will help you manage your servers, cloud infrastructure and to ensure your cloud resources are running efficiently. Managed services can help you with cost optimization to grow business.
  • System Health Checks, Updates and Tune-Ups
    • SHRO experts will help you with regular check-ups, troubleshoot and monitoring of your infrastructure.
  • Managed High Performance Computing
    • High-performance computing is typically used for solving advanced problems and performing research activities through computer modelling, simulation and analysis.
  • Reporting & Performance Analysis
    • SHRO experts will help you with regular monitoring of your servers with regular reporting and performance notes.
  • Service management for 24/7/365
    • SHRO will always be there to help you 24x7.

Why Shro?

  • 33+ Yrs. of experience in IT Services &Solutioning
  • AuthorisedOEM service center for Warranty Calls
  • Plan, Build, Support and Manage IT infrastructure solutions regionally
  • Management of multi-vendor environments
  • Depth of technical expertise across various technologies.
  • Deliver technology solutions to business problems
  • Customise and tailor solutions to meet client needs
  • Round the clock access to technical skills