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IT Leasing

Accelerate your plans to modernize your technology with SHRO & HPFS IT Leasing Solutions

SHRO SYSTEMS Offers various leasing and consumption models , with IT leasing various statistics and TCO sheets clearly show savings upto 30 % over traditional capex purchasing over a 3 year period .

Various leasing options on offer are as below :-

  • Operating lease
  • Financial lease
  • Flexible capacity service ( pay us you use datacenter infrastructure)
  • Flexible leasing period of 12/24/36/48 months period

HPFS is the New World of IT Consumption

  • Businesses are increasingly looking to IT Leasing source of growth and differentiation. Investments in IT Infrastructure solutions are driving almost 90% of IT spending growth1.
  • However, many CIOs don’t have the needed resources, only 1 in 5 CIOs of small and mid-size businesses believe they have the right IT resources to meet business demands2.
  • A flexible IT Investment strategy can help you accomplish more, on-time and with in budget. HP Technology Refresh for computing program, can help make it easier to acquire, easier to manage and refresh your IT Infrastructure.

Rethink the way you consume & manage IT

  • By challenging previously held IT Asset Management (ITAM) practices, and making different choices about how to invest and manage IT, you can create “IT Currency,” or investment capacity from within your existing infrastructure and budget allocation.
  • SHRO & HP Financial services gives an assurance of full filling all your IT needs with minimum Investments & gives an opportunity to refresh your IT as per the changing technology needs, approach Shro for more information on IT Leasing.

Features of IT Leasing

  • Minimum maintenance Cost
  • Ease of asset disposal
  • No bonding /debonding issues of IT assests
  • Reduce the risk of overprovisioning
  • Simplify your procurement process
  • Create the investment capacity and speed needed to accelerate innovation.
  • Transparency in Process :
  • Clear Cost Terms
  • User online portal with asset and lease details
  • End of Term Pre Alerts
  • Data security

      Flexible Process

  • Customized solutions - We will structure the payment of your IT investments aligned with your business needs.
  • Logistics options - We will provide a full range of options from basic pick-up to custom packing, shipping, and more
  • Responsiveness - Regardless of how you contact us, we will resolve your customer service issues in minimum time.

Why Shro?

  • 33+ Yrs. of experience in IT Services &Solutioning
  • AuthorisedOEM service center for Warranty Calls
  • Plan, Build, Support and Manage IT infrastructure solutions regionally
  • Management of multi-vendor environments
  • Depth of technical expertise across various technologies.
  • Deliver technology solutions to business problems
  • Customise and tailor solutions to meet client needs
  • Round the clock access to technical skills