Managed Services

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Azure and AWS Managed Services

Comprehensive, Effective Management of your Cloud Technologies

Has your organization recently begun to shift more of your operations to the cloud? More than half of IT decision makers have reported spending significantly more on cloud services than planned due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The key to making the most of these new services is effective management. To address this challenge, organizations choose different ways to manage their cloud infrastructure. Some manage it themselves, and some bring in a cloud Managed Services Provider (MSP) to ease their immediate complexities, while others choose to have an MSP who can handle a broader mission with clear vision on managing hybrid environments and resources. Whatever the case, the aim is to find a right fit for effective cloud management.

Shro System's Managed Cloud Services help your organization avoid:

Rise of operational risks

Any strategy you choose has to work on your existing cloud operations. If there are gaps in your strategy, they could lead to operational risks in your current processes and halt the functioning of revenue-generating models, such as sales and supply chain.

Rise of security risks

Applications running on public cloud are more vulnerable to cloud security risks. Considering this fact, it is important to have the right security strategy in place.

Decrease in service value

Lacking the right service support can make your shift to cloud more expensive and may often take more time than expected, resulting in additional costs.

We offer several choices for your Azure Managed Services deployment—designed to meet your needs and budget.

Why Cloud Managed Services?

As you transition your workloads to the cloud, you’ll have to navigate several concerns, such as security, ensuring compliance, and managing multi-cloud environments. You might find your in-house IT team stretched too thin to manage all these aspects, especially as you try to optimize your budget to account for any unplanned cloud spend. That’s where Connection, a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Services Provider, comes in. With our expertise, we can fill any technology and management gaps, as well as provide flexible payment models, so you can focus on what really matters—supporting your users and growing your organization.

What are the Benefits of Managed Services?

Cloud Managed Services offer round-the-clock management. We monitor, scan, report, update patches, integrate, and align network operations with your core organization objectives

Addressing an issue locally is different from doing so remotely over the network. In case of cloud managed services, the responsibility lies with service providers in ensuring quick response times in case of any issue. This can take more time if done locally.

With Connection as your MSP, you’ll have more options to realize cloud savings, and your organization will no longer have to spend on costly network maintenance

We manage applications and services at a centralized data center, which expands the scope for remote data access, increased productivity, and effective resource utilization.

We are your single point of contact when you need to work with cloud vendors in case of any critical issues. We can also make recommendations on ways to optimize costs and automate critical processes.

Depending on an in-house IT team for regular technology and software upgrades often consumes time, training, and additional resources. Depending on a cloud MSP to keep your data centers up to date means your infrastructure receives technology updates as soon as possible.

Under effective Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Cloud MSPs ensure better control across service levels and help your organization gain service continuity. Longer association with MSPs offers better results.

With our support, you can easily plan your expenditure on IT services. Create a monthly service plan tailored for your organizational IT spending and optimize your investment on IT support.

Cloud managed services ensure data safety through timely backups and earlier access via faster recovery across all cloud services and applications.

We offer flexible solutions that can match your organization requirements. From payper-usage or payment plans that help you prioritize your organization spending to converged solutions such as security protection, setting up of a new service, and network monitoring, we can create the right solution for
your organization.

Microsoft 365

Connection is your end-to-end Microsoft Cloud and Managed Solutions provider.

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner with over (Number) proven competencies, including Azure Expert Managed Service Provider, Shro Systems has the Microsoft knowledge and expertise you need to make your digital transformation journey successful. We also offer tailored workshops, assessments, and data migration services that focus not only on Microsoft 365, but also security and getting the most out of Teams. We can also further simplify cloud management with various plans that are focused on security, adoption, compliance, and policy, user, and devicemanagement.

Why Partner With Shro Systems For Microsoft 365 Managed Services?

Peace of Mind

We’ll keep your Microsoft 365 in good hands—expertly managed.

24x7 Support

Our Microsoft 365 support team is only a phone, chat, or email away.

Optimized Investments

Our knowledge and guidance will help you get the full value of your Microsoft 365 investment.

Free Up Your IT Team

With our team managing your environment, you’re free to focus on growing your business.

We offer several choices for your Microsoft 365 managed services—designed to meet your needs and budget.